Thai Massage in Bratislava

Massage Spa
Traditional Thai massage is an ancient art of healing that represents a unique system of techniques, like Hatha yoga from Buddha era 2500 years ago.

Traditional Thai massage is performed on pressure points, also in the muscle, joint, tendon and feet relief as well as about spine stretch.

We welcome & approciate your visit providing the best THAI MASSAGE services by our THAI MASSAGER professional team according to your needs, for relax physical & mentality from long working, driving, meeting, long trip, travelong, computer pain-ache stress. Massage can help you as natural healing to solve this problem to relax muscle-tendon lymphatic circulate, blood circulate, air flow, energy point, relieve pain-ache stress. For body and mind have more power energy-feel fresh. We are ready to provide you many type of massage with Asia philosophy.

We will be pleased to take care of you!